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erratic and sure i cannot fail

dorkus majorus technicolorus
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» Odds are textures/things found on icons I've made are not my own - I make no claim to them, and 9 times out of 10, will give credit in keywords ... unless I'm a brainless nitwit and neglect to make note of where they came from. Either way. Most of the time, they're not mine, and I'm not trying to pass them off as such. Tutorials (cross-posted at icon_tutorial)are for whatever use you can think of. Hell, rewrite 'em if you want to and post 'em allover the internet if you want. Not much I can do to stop you, given that the content of the icon is most likely copyrighted material made with brushes and things made by other people.

» Icons I post here, unless noted, are usable (that's why I post them, duh). There are rare times when I don't exactly want an icon to be used - it's either of a personal nature or so new and fantabulous I don't want to share it yet. On taking icons: You can credit me if you want in keywords, but I won't get all brokenhearted about it if you don't. Once again, it's the internet, so it's not like I can keep track of who takes iconnage and what they do with 'em.